I’ve always had an affinity for photography even back when cameras were 35 mm and developing images was costly, I appreciated the “art” in the process. In high school I had the opportunity to develop images in a dark room and even applied to photography at NAIT. Unfortunately, they saw my chemistry mark and disallowed me to study conventional photography.  Fortunately, for me the digital age developed and so did my skill and vision to produce high quality images for people to treasure for a lifetime!

Horses are my true passion and every opportunity I get we are involved in some equine related activity,  therefore my talents started strictly by photographing the western lifestyle of friends and family with horses.   I eventually made the natural evolvement into photographing weddings, graduations, and families, but my favorite subjects are the individual portrait and challenge of rodeo photography.

I always have a vision while shooting but I truly can’t really nail it down until I get the photos into post production.  I love the art and craft of manipulating images to my pleasure.   Loving strong vibrant colors, crisp, sharp images, close ups create astonishingly perfect images worthy of displaying in your home.  I'm in awe of the evolvement of my work and constantly am studying and learning new techniques to improve my work.  I love to edit people eyes!!  And of course I love animals in my shots.  

My most recent discovered talent is ART! While I crave to be creative, I’m learning to pair my images with artistic intent to be displayed proudly, it is oddly therapeutic for me.  

Thank you for visiting my site and appreciating my hard work, please contact me to fulfill your photography needs. 

I hope we cross paths someday


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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson